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Next Generation of Real Estate Transactions

SmartSaleRE.Com Web 3.0 (aka, Unicorn, SSRE a Digital Enterprise), is a next generation, blockchain enabled, workflow auto processing, real estate technology Company.

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services for websites and applications i.e., (DApps) and (DeFI), whose focus is an (AI) machine-based understanding of a data driven semantic* web.

A semantic web, a study of meaning, reference, or truth as a connection point of words, strings of words, (threads) or phrases, will make internet data machine readable, leading to a more intelligent connection of un-siloed websites.

SmartSaleRE’s semantic web will categorize and store information in a way that helps teach the Company’s Web 3.0 (AI) auto processing systems what specific data means.

SSRE’s Web 3.0 site architecture is structured using (AI) data collection, a semantic web, and a plethora of data generated by SSRE’s listing-to-close-sales-cycle of real estate properties.

Implementing a Web 3.0 (AI) approach originates from the goal of delivering faster, connected, efficient, relevant data to end-users.

The Company’s Web 3.0 vision on a regional, national, and international scale is to foster new and exciting opportunities while bringing much needed change to historically outdated real estate sales-cycle methodologies.

SmartSaleRE.Com’s integrated automated processes, using code dependent platform procedures, promote and deploy self-executing smart contracts. Resulting actions will transform and modernize all aspects of the real estate industry.

*A branch of linguistics and logic concerned with the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.

With SSRE Who Benefits?

SmartSaleRE.Com’s integrated automated process workflows are a tectonic shift to a new blockchain-enabled paradigm for real estate brokers, agents, sellers, buyers, and a host of industry-others who directly use the Company’s automated workflows or indirectly gain valuable insights from the Company’s AI algorithm data collection systems.

The Company’s automated process workflows are linear; a succession of integrated connected app-type workflow processes beginning as a pre-funded for sale property listing at SmartSaleRE.Com and ending with buyer possession of a newly acquired property.

SSRE’s Listing-to-Close Sales Cycle Automation

  1. SSRE’s automated blockchain processes include Ethereum’s ERC-20 platform protocol that features a property purchaser’s private money fractional, or whole, home loan funding and provides information about the SSRE’s cryptocurrency Realfi stable coin. A secure crypto wallet account stores investor purchased Realfi asset-backed token coins at RealfiExc.Com. a SSRE sister Company and crypto DEX currency exchange.
  2. SSRE property buyers and investor private money loan servicing.
  3. Seller and buyer (others) 1-hour escrow and title closing services.
  4. Listing broker/agent transaction management.
  5. Selling broker/agent transaction management.
  6. Listing and selling agent accounting and reporting.
  7. RealfExc.Com is a full-service DEX cryptocurrency exchange for private money investortokenization in support of SSRE home loan funding. Realfi stable token coins provide assetbacked crypto wallet funding for a buyer’s SmartSaleRE home purchase.
  8. Buyer’s property repairs | renovation loan funding.

Closed Sale 24-7 / 365 Fully Reporting Data Management

Data harvested from the above workflows are managed and administered by Effi, an adaptively learning voice-command digital assistant who performs algorithm data platform administration, management, and distribution for the Company’s 1-8 (AI) integrated data automated workflows and commercial application data-sets. The Company offers alternative (crypto) currency solutions in California, Oregon and Washington State, other states in the USA to be addded.

* Effi

Borrowed from the word Efficacy – the ability to produce the desired effect.

Smart Contracts | Explainer Video | Ted Talks

Two For Lunch - A Testimonial


SSRE Comment: Tokenizing Value

While Bitcoin and Ether digital currency token coins have garnered the marquee limelight, it is the continued development of blockchain business logic that’s moving the needle of changing fundamentals. The rapid global acceptance of Blockchain technology is currently outpacing status quo centralized business system architecture. Blockchain, and developing tokenized value liquidation methodologies, underscore a conscious parallel movement away from today’s sovereign currencies, information gatekeepers, centralized processes, and sector elitism. Blockchain’s democratized momentum and trending adoption curve will change the world as it is known. Dare to enter the accessible tokenized asset class stores of value revolution with SSRE’s crypto asset backed token coins, and blockchains revolutinary business architecture.

Tokenization | Explainer Video | Ted Talks

California Launch Cities

The Company will launch its blockchain real estate technology business model in four city and county locations in the State of California; San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego, expanding to surrounding cities and counties shortly thereafter.

The Company’s market share is projected to be revenue-positive and expansive due to several inherent factors namely; sellers, buyers, investors, agents, brokers, and Effi (AI) data clients. All exercising their respective digital dashboard collaborative roles within the Company’s high revenue yielding multiple process business model.


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