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Industry Changing Automated Escrow and Title Processing

“1 Hour Escrow & Title Closings”

SSRE’s blockchain automated integrated workflow processes start with an agent listing a property for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com.

A listing agent property posting to (aka SSRE | Company) include the following automated processes.

  • SSRE worldwide investors provide contactless blockchain private-money purchase loan financing and underwriting for properties listed for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com
  • Property listing sales price financing is two-fold, fractionalized or whole
  • Escrow is auto opened; the buyer and selling agent escrow processing automation is initialized
  • Escrow opening notifications are sent to all transaction parties
  • Independent home inspections have been scheduled and completed
  • Seller buyer escrow processing continues to completion
  • Call for Investor private money funding is initiated and completed
  • Escrow pays various vendor invoices that have been submitted
  • Closing statements are generated, reviewed, and signed off
  • Escrow closes and records in the county of record
  • The buyer takes possession of a newly acquired property
  • Non-bank, private-money investor Home Renovation Financing (HRF) is available to all SSRE home buyers

Incentives; When Agents List Properties at SmartSaleRE.Com

“Valuable free incentives”

As an incentive for agents to list properties at SSRE the Company provides the following FREE, yes that’s correct, FREE to participating brokers and agents.

  • 1 Hour Escrow Closings
  • Direct deposits commission processing
  • Single property agent websites
  • Property photo carousels
  • 3D virtual tours
  • CRM customer relationship management
  • Social media integration
  • Blockchain high-speed document flow, 24-7/365 wireless device access and connectivity, self-executing documents, no intermediaries, full transparency, no copy immutable transactions, consensus-driven in an agreement distributed ledger blockchain technology
  • SSRE is challenging the status quo in taking on the role of a defined area MLS. There are no fees or dues requirements for agent property listings at SmartSaleRE.Com. Get all the advantages of SSRE’s blockchain automated workflows at a zero-cost MLS listing 
  • Non-bank, private-money investor pre-funding of property listed for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com has a high probability, on a scale of 1–10, of dual agency

Uniquely at property listing, there is no buyer’s agent and by natural process, the buyer would contact the listing agent for property information, in this exchange the listing agent or the buyer could propose dual agency representation

Broker and Agent Anytime Reports

“Just ask info 24-7”

SmartSaleRE’s accounting and reporting for brokers and agents features a host of reports available 24-7 on any wireless device, a sampling of reports is as follows

  • Active listings (pre-sale) gross sales, single location
  • Active listings (pre-sale) gross sales, multiple locations
  • Accepted offer gross sales, single location
  • Accepted offer net sales, single location
  • Accepted offer gross sales, multiple locations
  • Accepted offer net sales, multiple locations
  • Closed sales, single location
  • Closed sales, multiple locations
  • Closed sales net summary, month, quarter, annual
  • Active listings gross sales summary month, quarter, annual
  • Partial accounting, (A/R) partial reporting
  • Broker or agent full accounting, profit & loss, balance statements, (A/R), (A/P)

Just Ask Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“On demand custom data”

When brokers and agents need answers, they ask Effi (AI) – an artificially intelligent, adaptively-learning, Just Ask, voice-command, data harvesting digital assistant; who performs algorithmic management and administration constructed upon the core principles of the Company’s blockchain real estate workflow processes.

(AI) is set to become one of the most important technology trends of our lifetimes. “If you teach a machine to understand language nuances, you’ve built artificial intelligence.” Digital assistants will be able to “mimic human conversations; with listening and speaking; provide a sense of history; in-the-moment contextual timing; ability to respond, add to, and continue with a thought or purpose at multiple occasions and places over time.” Said another way, digital assistants will know and interact with you like a friend does today.

Effi (AI) sources data from the Company’s workgroups. Troves of collected data is organized into workgroup-datasets. Algorithms are assigned based organization, management, and administration of a wide array of data

Effi (AI) captured data, applied and monetized across expansive spectrums, will bring lucrative disruption at levels never witnessed before.


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