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“Blockchain, a here to stay phenomenon”

It’s All About Positioning

Want a glimpse of your business, its positioning and what’s coming with the advent of blockchain? I’m sure you have read about or had some connection regarding the here-to-stay phenomenon and its undeniable impact. If not, you’ll need to do some diligence on how it will affect your business for the short and long term.

Know the Fundamentals

Planning is essential in the survival of any sea-change. As with anything new you’ll need to ground yourself in the basics, know the fundamentals, and have a broad understanding of the processes. Sound daunting?

“Customized for your participation “

“Join in on a new business model”

Not to Worry Your Covered

Ok, there’s is an alternative, SmartSaleRE.Com has done the heavy lifting for you, shine a light on a Company whose workflows will fundamentally change key processes in existing un-connected, convoluted, time-consuming real estate legacy systems.

Lightning Fast Onboarding

SmartSaleRE.Com’s blockchain processing will accelerate your understanding and bring you up to speed relative to on-boarding of lightning fast high-speed automated document flow.

"While there make $$$ in a stress free zone"

“While there make $$$ in a stress free zone”

"Finally real change has arrived"

“Finally real change has arrived”

The Changing Face Of Real Estate

Say goodbye forever to a legacy montage of confusing and archaic methodologies. Introducing SSRE a Company who will lead a paradigm shift into the new world of real estate.

You have heard the expression “in your dreams.” I am sure. Only now, you can stop dreaming and get involved as an investor, practicing real estate broker, agent or both.

A Company hallmark is hosting an automated one-stop, value added, investor private money financed property listing.

Additional automated processes are agents offer-and-acceptance sales-cycles of connected high revenue yielding workflows.

Each transaction is user account managed, featuring always-on artificial intelligence (AI) in concert with a 24-7 user account digital dashboard.

"A massive untapped global opportunity"

“A massive untapped global opportunity”

Global Market 217 Trillion Dollars

Ready to move on and take the next step forward? Join in on a unique and rarely available once-in-lifetime investment and process adoption opportunity.

Be involved in an industry changing technology shift that will fundamentally change all inherent legacy processes that include listing, purchasing, financing, owning of improved and unimproved residential property.

How you ask, fair question. Simple, a little techie answer though; blockchain auto processing of peer-to-peer (P2P) databases (your transactions), yes your files posting on online distributed ledgers.

You and others are identified as distributed ledger posting parties in the transaction, and are consensually sharing agreed upon documentation – smart contracts and other types digital documents.

Data is synchronized across multiple node sites – meaning an online secured location (a distributed ledger) with you as a transactional-witnesses, either as the file originator or receiver.

Designing the Future and Beyond

SSRE’s automated workflow process and revenue collective feature eight integrated workflows and eleven revenue sources. The Company’s multiplatform business model will drive blockchain disruption in an industry who has an estimated value of 217 trillion dollars worldwide.

SSRE’s automated core processing features the following.

  • Contextual blockchain processing
  • Sequentially integrated high revenue yielding multiple workflows
  • Effi (AI) an artificially intelligent, adaptively-learning, just ask, voice-command, data harvesting digital assistant who performs, algorithmic management, and administration constructed upon the core principles of the Company’s blockchain real estate processes
"Automated transaction processing"

“Automated transaction processing”


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