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– Where It’s Going
Effiai.Com, a sister company and principally owned by of SmartSaleRE. Com takes its name from the word Efficacy, the ability to produce a desired effect. Effiai.Com is the backbone workhorse of the Company’s automated integrated workflows.

Effi performs as a virtual voice-command, adaptively-learning, digital assistant. Effiai.Com is developing custom (AI) managed datasets and is positioning itself to become the go-to real estate data products producer.

– Changing the Way
Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to become one of the most important technology trends of our lifetimes. “If you teach a machine to understand language nuances, you’ve built artificial intelligence.” Digital assistants will be able to “mimic human conversations; with listening and speaking; provide a sense of history; in-the-moment contextual timing; ability to respond, add to, and continue with a thought or purpose at multiple occasions and places over time.” Said another way, digital assistants will know and interact with you like a friend does today.

– Expanding Data Source
Effi (AI)’s structured data, applied and monetized across an extensive range of real estate datasets will bring about massive change, with new revenue sources at levels never witnessed before.

EFFI (AI) is targeting an industry default position for real estate transactions and supporting collected data.

  • Home listing price trends
  • Home sales price trends
  • Loan origination
  • Loan amounts
  • Purchase loans financing
  • Buyer’s loan servicing
  • Agent listing transaction
  • Agent selling transaction
  • Agent websites
  • Agent property listing
  • Full range of escrow data
  • Escrow recordings
  • Agent accounting
  • Agent reports
  • Property renovation
  • Property repairs
  • Property appraisals
  • Social media

Datasets for the public at large are available to any individual, company, municipal, state or federal agency, Custom datasets are assembled by request. Fee structuring is targeted on client need.  Effiai.Com’s projected market share, based on growth of its parent Company’s blockchain-driven real estate technology services, is projecting mass adoption in the US and abroad.


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