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Real Estate

Out With the Old Bring On the NEW

“embrace change “

For real estate,  blockchain has the potential to change the way business is done. Trending is the development of smart documents that will enable real estate contracts, escrows, property records (deeds for example) to be completed and monies distributed without title companies or attorneys.

Conceptually smart documents and contracts can be compared to a vending machine concept; you deposit your money, and the machine releases product with no human intervention.

” simplicity, automation, blockchain! “

Buying a Home Made Easy

Just by Clicking on a Shopping Cart  

” just imagine “

Continuing to Thrive

Brokerages Will Need to Adapt

“embrace change “

Soon it will possible for a home buyer to purchase a home and complete the sale (along with escrow and title insurance) by clicking on a shopping cart at SmartSaleRE.Com.

The Company’s blockchain processes will ensure the buyer gets the title and deed, while the seller and others receive an escrow settlement payment.

The Company’s workflow auto-processing will record the title and deed to Effiai.Com, an (AI) artificially intelligent database and public record data repository, and to counties in the United States and similar international locations.

Real estate professionals will continue to thrive in the era of blockchain. The advice, knowledge, and handholding of real estate professionals will always be an import part of a buyer – seller transaction process.

However, the handling of money and transactions will inevitably shift – with that change already underway. Brokerages will need to adapt their business models to understand and enable smart transactions but otherwise will continue to thrive in the blockchain era.


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