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RealfiExc | Asset-Back | Secure Token | Exchange

RealfiExc.Com, a sister company and principally owned by SmartSaleRE.Com operates as a full-service fiat, cryptocurrency, asset-backed secure token (ST) exchange featuring the following.


  • SSRE worldwide investors provide contactless blockchain private-money purchase loan financing and underwriting for properties listed for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com
  • Buyers and sellers who participate in tokenized smart contract finance agreements
  • Purchasers, sellers, and traders of global crypto and fiat currencies
  • Fund portfolio managers

SmartSaleRE.Com's Secure Token Coin

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In a typical SmartSaleRE home purchase scenario, a SSRE buyer and seller have agreed to a property purchase smart contract that includes financing terms, conditions, and final sales price of a property exclusively listed for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com.

The buyer’s smart contract funding, in the form of a tokenized secure digital financial instrument, is provided by private money investors. The resulting document is auto processed and recorded on a secure network node distributed ledger.

Asset Backed Security Tokens

– Practical Processes 

Taking into account the market’s appetite for high-quality, compliant cryptocurrencies, there’s a strong reason to believe a Secure Token (aka ST) business model will have a lasting impact on cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Secure Tokens that follow federal guidelines and are approved by the SEC should gain instant credibility, taking much of the grunt work out of evaluating crypto-token coin related projects.

Furthermore, Secure Tokens could take micro-investing mainstream and allow more people to participate in startup ventures that were previously restricted to accredited investors and venture capitalists.

– Development Platforms 

Various platforms are working to ensure that Secure Tokens have a regulated venue for trading. This means cryptocurrencies will be traded as securities, giving investors ownership, voting and asset allocation rights.

A security token represents actual ownership of an underlying asset. If you invest in a real estate Secure Token, your holdings represent actual allocated ownership in a physical property.

– Programmable 

Security tokens are programmable by nature, which means compliance protocols can be embedded into the actual asset and amended over time. This also means there’s no limit to the types of rules and systems a Security Token can bring to the table.

– Regulation 

A regulated ecosystem for tokenization (a digital representation of value) will likely open the door to greater adoption, and ultimately new innovations in the blockchain world. A more innovative environment means more investment opportunities and wealth creation. This trend is already well underway as startups and institutions continue to utilize decentralized ledgers.

– Impacts 

The age of tokenization has only just begun. Tokenization has the potential to do to ownership rights what digitization did to media. This new paradigm will impact everything from standard issuing products like stocks and bonds to smaller and more illiquid assets like business shares and real estate. The growing appetite for blockchain-based projects means Secure Tokens are a potentially future-proof asset class.


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