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SSRE Equity Capital Raise

" if you've missed out before don't do it this time "

Seed Round | 800,000 Shares

AML- KYC | Investment Compliance

Anti-money laundering (AML) is a broader and more holistic practice than KYC. AML compliance is the comprehensive set of policies that a company uses to protect against criminal infiltration, money laundering, terrorism financing, human trafficking and more.

A complete AML compliance program includes KYC procedure as an initial step to verify a customer’s identity, manage their risk factors, and monitor their accounts. KYC is the most crucial step in a corporate AML policy. It is critically important to carefully verify a customer’s identity, assess their risk, understand a customer’s general financial habits, and have the necessary procedures in place to catch abnormalities. Strong AML compliance policies allow companies to easily find and eliminate risk as they arise.

Seed Round | How Do I Invest?

The Company’s Seed-Round for accredited investors only is a low-cost-down-payment on life’s challenges investment opportunity, buy-in at a very affordable $5,000 dollars – or more. Bonus shares are available only during Seed-Round equity funding.

Buy-in NOW Seed Round Equity Funding – Get on Board!

SmartSaleRE’s Seed-Round equity funding includes 800,000 C Common Class shares offered at $2.00 per share. Purchase units of sale are 2,500 shares plus 500 no-charge, while they last, bonus shares, for a shareholder hold basis of 3,000 C Class Common shares. Investors are encouraged to perform and understand independent due diligence before investing.


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