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SSRE | Q & A

"Millions & Billions In Projected Revenues"

Tens of 1,000’s Transactions

Company’s revenue numbers, aggressive as they may appear, are real in projecting tens of 1,000’s SSRE workflow sales in any given year, in each of the Company’s four California business counties; San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Millions & Billions In Revenues

Worldwide investor non-bank private-money loans, committed to buyer finance underwriting, include a loan commission paid to the Company. Additionally, there are eleven (11) high-revenue-yielding automated supporting accounts; taken together and in combination, they create millions and billions in Company revenues.

Dashboard Account Management

With an online dashboard account, brokers, agents, sellers, buyers, loan underwriting private money investors, note purchasers, and sellers, have access to no-struggle automated block chain processing.

At this location, they can be directly in charge or delegate to others file management control that includes active participation management, oversight, monitoring and tracking of various automated processes.

Data harvested from the Company’s (1-8) workflows is managed and administrated by an adaptively-learning, voice-command, digital assistant, Effi, who performs data platform algorithm file administration, management, and distribution.

Blockchain Solution CA
"It Starts With a SSRE Investor Funded Property Listing"

Q | What Does the Company Do ?

A | The Company Provides High Revenue Yielding Blockchain-Enabled
Automated Workflow Processing

SSRE’s blockchain automated workflow processes start with a property listing posting to SmartSaleRE.Com. Listing agent posting to SSRE automates processes include the following.

  • SSRE worldwide investors provide contactless blockchain private-money purchase loan financing and underwriting for properties listed for sale at SmartSaleRE.Com
  • Buyers loan servicing: principal and interest payments – are paid to the loan origination underwriting investor
  • Escrow and title, seller-buyer closing services
  • Listing and selling agent file transaction management
  • Selling agent file accounting and reporting (partial or full)
  • Listing agent file accounting and reporting (partial or full)
  • RealFiexc, the Company’s cryptocurrency exchange, where asset-backed fractional or whole secure token (ST) coins services are performed, included are, purchasing, exchanging, trading, and the reselling of SSRE’s RealFi Secure Tokens (ST) coins
  • Available is new home property purchaser renovation funding, SSRE’s contractor home improvement administration, and job site management
"Harvesting the Company's Data Workflows"

Q | How Will Investor Equity Funds Be Used ?

The following will be funded based on Equity capital raised.

A | Operational Development

The Company will continue to stay lean in terms of new-hires and will maintain a low-profile burn-rate. Of consideration are the following new hires, all will work remotely, some onboarding in a consulting role initially.

  • HR
  • CFO
  • CTO
  • Project Manager
  • AI Engineer and Programmer
  • Administrative Support

SmartSaleRE has identified fulfillment vendors who can provide development of its workflows relative to core processes of the Company’s blockchain-enabled enterprise initiative.

A | Artificial Intelligence

SSRE will on-board artificial intelligence in support of its workflows. Each of the Company’s harvested data workflows will be managed and administered by EffI, a voice-command, adaptively learning simply ask workflow data management digital assistant.

A | Defined Digital Processes

Vendors the Company has identified will be tasked to develop and convert legacy analog documents into digital formatted smart contracts and documents through various code programming languages suited for this purpose.

A | Advertising

Planned advertising of the Company’s blockchain-enabled automated workflows will rollout as follows: newsprint, magazine ads, radio, TV, social and industry-specific media. The Company will spend on ad media relevant to raised equity funding. The projected budget is 2 million dollars spanning (18) months of intense media activity.

A | Legal

The Company will on-board operational legal expertise and advice regarding relationships, contracts and agreements, mergers, acquisitions, tax planning legal avoidance, offshore accounts planning, and setup management and administration. The projected budget is 1 million dollars covering a 12-month period.

"Buy your new home using a mall kiosh ! "

Does SmartSaleRE Provide Buyers Loan Financing?

A | Full-Service Crypto Currency Exchange

SmartSaleRE has been in discussion for several months regarding the implementation of a cryptocurrency exchange; the exchange purchase and fulfillment are ready to go based on successful equity funding.

The Company’s RealfiExc coin exchange and RealFi secure tokens (ST) will have a strategic role in SSRE’s buyer’s loan funding underwriting and asset backed (property purchase loan) tokenization.

Buyers home loan funding will be available in the form of fractional or whole – all or part of the property buyer’s purchase price. When available Realfi ST token coins may be purchased by private money worldwide investors at RealfiExc.Com.

"The Company Will Aggressively Expand"

Q | Where Will the Company Be In 5 Years ?

The Company Plans to Aggressively Implement Coastal States Expansion

The Company’s investor non-bank private money loans and integrated workgroups are targeting the City and Counties of San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego. Further expansion in the second year and third to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

The Company’s proposed east coast expansion locations are Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. in (Years 4, 5, 6). International locations are in the queue.

Why Was This Idea Chosen ?

A | An Unspoken Mantra

SmartSaleRE.Com Inc. was conceptually imagined in 2016 to operate as a blockchain real estate technology company. Hundreds of draft narratives made their way to type, content iterations were considered, modified, deleted or expanded upon. Things continued to evolve, in large part due to the full emergence of blockchain; driven by a mix of world-wide creative energy that is and continues to play out.

Blockchain and the adaptability of processes became the unspoken mantra driving the collective mindset behind the Company’s workflows. Something new was happening in real-time, something exciting had an energy of its own; something that could be felt, an undercurrent of generational change.


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